Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog. It is great that you are here and I hope that you find the information found here to be useful to you. Although it may be scary, deciding to have a vasectomy reversal done is a big thing. Often times emotions and finances are a big factor and at best of times emotions are very high. Me and my wife Allie have been there and we know what some of you may be going through. In this blog you will hopefully be able to find useful information pertaining to:


-vasectomy reversals

-costs and benefits

-success stories

If you have not read anything from my blog already, I think it is important that you all know that I had a vasectomy reversal done a few years ago and that besides the odds, it turned out to be successful. My wife and I now have a baby girl, and speaking for myself, I love her more then anything in the world. It was a tough decision to make (there was a very low chance for the operation to be successful), but now that I have done it, it was the best decision (and reverse incision! – sorry for the lame pun) of my life. I sincerely hope that the information you can find on my blog is of value to you, and if you have any questions at all – do not be afraid to ask!