Our Success Story

Ten or so years prior to meeting Allie, me still being the young guy that I was, decided that it would be a good idea to get a vasectomy done. At the time, I was very focused on my career and I did not want any chance of getting any woman pregnant. So I went into a surgery centre, paid the $500, and the whole operation took about 20 or so minutes to complete. So there I was, with my scrotum slightly sore, being 99.9% sterile.

At the time I was happy. I could have intercourse with my then girlfriend with no worries and no fear that I may accidentally get her pregnant. But as the years went by, my then girlfriend and I split up and I eventually met Allie. We got married and bought a house. Allie knew that I had gotten a vasectomy, but what we didn’t know at the time was how low the chance was that it could be successfully reversed.

When we decided that we wanted to have children, we were met with sad realization that I only had an estimated 15% chance that the surgery could be successful. After some debate whether or not it was worth going through with it, we decided to get the operation done. I went in, did the operation, and 4 hours later, there I was not feeling much different besides some pain.

The next few months were a little tense. With each new report from the doctors, me and Allie had our fingers crossed. For the first few months, things were not looking so good and we thought that we may have to look at other options. But then, against all odds, six or so months after the operation the report that came in looked good! My sperm motility had returned at a steady level.

Fast forward a few months and Allie was pregnant. We had our baby girl and I am so happy to be a father. Although the odds were against us, somehow my sperm motility was able to return. Since having the operation, I can’t think of a better decision I have made in my life.